Monday, November 2, 2015

Bring Little LizziLove home.....

Through every adoption my little sister has been my biggest cheerleader.  When I saw my little Yixi listed with our agency and read that she had Downs, I called my sister first...
"Would this be crazy??" I asked her.
Her reply?
"You'd be crazy not to!"
I'm so glad I listened to her.  And, three months after I returned home with Yixi, and heard about Amy, same thing.  She cheered me on all the way, even with others had negative things to say.

Now I get to be on the other side of it, as she heads to China on November 18th to adopt Amy's friend Lizzi.

I'm doing a surprise Envelope Fundraiser.  If you want to help, just pick an envelope and donate that amount of money.  If the envelope has a heart, that means that was has already been chosen and paid for.  When all the envelopes have a heart, Lizzis adoption will be paid for!! Yeah!  I love being on this side of it!! :)

(And...just to make this more fun that the average envelope fundraiser, numbers will be drawn at the end for fun prizes too!!! )  SHHHHH- remember its a surprise, we dont want her to know how much money we are raising!! :)

Remember every envelope is important and helps her come home!

To pick a number click on the donate button on the right side of the blog, and donate that amount. 
And just to make this more fun, at the end, numbers will be drawn for awesome prizes! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The new normal

It has been 8 weeks since Jackson arrived home and I'm just now updating the blog, just now beginning to arrive at appointments on time, just now figuring out our new normal as a family of 10!

The night Jackson arrived home, I took the other kids to a movie as we waited to go to the airport, only to find out the flight was delayed, so we returned home and did barn chores and headed back up to the airport for more delays.  As we went to the airport late that night, the kids were overly anxious to see their brothers and Dad,  and the little ones were getting tired and fussy. Rick and the boys had missed their flight home due to immigration issues taking longer.  As we drove down the highway Kyron says," Mama! The trash bag is coming off of the window! " Yes the broken windown had been taped up with a trash bag, because anyone who has ever adopted knows, every penny is spent on getting the new child home, everything else can wait.  It's a rescue mission.)  I thought about what he'd said, and just felt God speak to my heart, Yes, the window, along with many other things, has been left unfixed, but tonight there will be one less orphan in the world....

The first moment you see your adopted child, is like that moment when you give birth and you are soaking in every detail of the face and their little hands, marveling at the perfection.  Jackson was very quiet as we loaded in the car. Part way down the interstate he says, " Mama, this is a good road..."
"Yes, because this is the road that goes to our home"

My heart melted.

Now, it was time to settle in.  Jackson was thrilled to be part of our family, but we didnt know him and he didnt know us, so the first number of days are just that...getting to know eachother. Every day we realize more and more how amazing the little boy God had brought into our lives is..

Of course there was one family member he already knew...he was so happy to see his sister Amy. 

As I tucked Jackson in bed one of the first nights he told me that he had prayed for years for a Mama and Daddy to come adopt him. He was so thankful the God answered his prayer.  that night I lied in bed and wondered, how many little boys pray that prayer every night, and no one ever comes?? 

We began Jackson's medical appointments.  I say began becuase we have appointments from now through November scheduled, and that does not cover surgeries that he will need.  So, the medical is just beginning and we continue to pray for doctors to have wisdom in his diagnosis and treatments.  He's so cooperative at the medical appointments, and all the doctors just love his manners.  He has amazing manners... never touches or takes anything in the store, always asks before doing something, makes his bed, eagerly helps out...he is incredible! 

In the past eight weeks Jackson had many firsts....
first foods, first trip to the water park, first trip to the beach, first camping trip, first smores, first swimming pool, first time to milk a goat, ect ect.  
He loves each new thing he tried, and changes his job plans for the future every day when he realizes all the possible things he could do that he never knew existed before. :) 
He brings us continual joy and laughter, like when we walked in the hair shop to get him and Kyron a haircut and he walks up the counter and says, " We need one Chinese and one English haircut, 

We are so thankful to every person who helped make it possible for Jackson to join our family, we cant imagine our family without him.  Every time we look at him we are overwhelmed by God's goodness to bless us with a little boy that is so incredible, loving, thoughtful and that loves God with all of his heart.  We can not wait to see the incredible plan God has for Jackson's life unfold...

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Or Journey to Jackson

 We were there so our daughter could say her goodbyes before she started our new life with us. We were there to meet her caregivers and learn about her life up to that point.
We were not at the children's home to begin an adoption, we were there to finish one.
Our last one.
Our third international adoption in less than five years.
We were sick of paperwork, exhausted from fundraising, worn out with adoption adjustment.
We were there to finish, not begin.

Sometimes we think we are somewhere for a different reason than God.  He knew we were not there just to finish, but to begin yet another journey.  It was almost lie a magentic pull.  We both were drawn to him, and agreed together that since we were "done" adopting, we would advocate for him.
Over the next few days, we found ourselves talking about how incredible he was all the time.
The as we checked into the next hotel Rick said, " Next time, lets remember to...."
Next time??? We both laughed, huge mistake in words.
Over the next week, "next time" was slipped three more times, and we'd laugh every time.
We came home, and we advocated, but none of the families had met him, none of them had seen the incredible little boy we had.
And somehow over the next three months, "no chance" became a "chance".
As we ate dinner one night in April, Rick asked what I'd been doing all day, and when I named everything, he smiled and said, " You should have been doing adoption paperwork!"
The room was silent for a moment, then all kids broke out in cheers, we were begining another journey.
Each journey takes the whole family.
The older kids have to babysit the "littles" through many hours of Mama and Daddy doing adoption paperwork and applying for grants.
 We all join in prayer each night over our adoption and our new family member.
We travel to St Louis for a family trip to get fingerprinting.
We open our home up to visits and interviews by caseworkers. We have grant interviews, and many trips to the bank for notorazations.
We have medical exams for us all.
We have fundraisers that require many hours of the entire familys effort.
We prepare our home to add another child, and our hearts.
Adoption takes the whole family and they were ready to jump in again!

Now here we are at the point when all the work, and prayer and dreams become a reality. In five days, Jackson will arrive at the hotel and join our family. We still cant believe its time for that moment we've waited for so long!
We feel so blessed that God chose us,  to have the incredible honor to become the parents to such an amazing boy.  We know God has plans for his life beyond anything we could dream, and we can not wait to watch as God revels those!
In less than a week, Jackson, you become a part of this crazy family!! :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Almost to Jackson

     Today our Article 5 was picked up! Yeah! Our agency told us to expect Travel Notice within a week.  This is very fast.  The next couple of weeks will be very busy. Here's what our next steps look like for this week and next..

Travel Notice

Secure a Consulate Appointment

Book Travel to China

Arrange and Book in- Country Travel

We will be very busy!! 

We'd like to ask for prayer for favor with a grant organization who is considering our family.  We are still very short on the funds needed to travel and this grant would be a huge blessing!! 

We can't believe we are almost ready to bring Jackson home.  We cant wait to hug him and tell him how much we love him!  

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Meet Our Son

I have been waiting anxiously for this day, the day we are allowed to share our new son's picture with you.  Now you can all see why we fell in love.  Meet Jackson.....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

AND the WInner IS.....

                                Hamilton decided to help choose his family.....

(and as soon as we could get his nose out of the jar, we drew a winner! )

And the winner is.... Beverly L.  in  Florida!!
Congrats Beverly! 
Thank-you to everyone who donated towards helping us to bring Jackson home!! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

CRAZIEST Adoption Drawing EVER

Craziest Adoption Drawing EVER

Every kids is begging for one of these... their very own teacup piglet!  Teacup Pigs have gained popularity in recent movies, leaving most kids asking for one.  True Teacups are under 50 pounds full grown, and can range in price from $700- $2,000.  They are hypoallergenic, easily housebroken, walk on leashes and are very smart when it comes to learning tricks.  And best of all they love belly rubs, so much in fact that when you rub their belly, they fall over. :) This drawing is for a two month old teacup named Hamilton.  He loves kids and other pets. His favorite treat is Cheerios. He has been raised in our home, from birth. 

Rules of the Drawing:

$10 donation= 1 entry
$25 donation= 3 entries
$50 donation= 10 entries

Drawing will be held on Feb. 21st and winner will be announced that day via our blog.

To enter click on the link on the right hand side of the blog or visit our family page below...
for a tax deductible donation.

Hamilton can be picked up at our home ( Missouri) or the new owner will be responsible for shipping. 
Any money raised beyond our goal will be applied to shipping, so keep an eye on the blog- shipping may be free! 

Pigs can be easily flown to your nearest airport.

Teacups are very lovable!

All money raised through donations in this drawing will go towards Jackson's adoption costs.  

Want to learn more about Teacups please visit our Facebook Page Sister Pigs.

Fun Piggy Fact: Piggies LOVE their blankets, even carrying them around the house with them. 

This is Thumbelina who takes her blanket and stands by the woodstove. ( we dont think she knows her rear end sticks out!) 

Hamilton thinks the cat is his best friend.

 Hamilton currently weighs 8 pounds.